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I saw on some SO posts that to shuffle arrays, you would use php's shuffle($array);.

However, my problem is that I generate a randomn word from the dictionary (which I know how to do and is working) and then shuffle the letters randomnly into an anagram.

So basically - the word random would go to adrmon or something similar, but it shuffles the letters in the word randomnly.

How can I do this in php?

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function shuffleWord($word) {

    $wordArray = str_split($word);
    return implode('',$wordArray);

$word = 'random';
$anagram = shuffleWord($word);
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From PHP manual - str_shuffle

You could user str_shuffle function in PHP.

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PHP Script:

//For shuffling characters in a string you can use str_shuffle function as shown below
echo str_shuffle("PHPTUTORS");



Reference Source Code

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