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Input: I have created and filled an array/table in velocity. This array currently contains 3 things:

(note that this example is pure fiction)

  1. Top level community name (e.g. Stack Overflow USA, Stack Overflow BEL)
  2. Subcommunity (e.g. and
  3. Owner(s) of the subcommunity (e.g. Frank)

Depending on the situation and the point in time, the amount of top level communities, that have a variable number of subcommunities are each owned by a variable number of owners. And, each top level community can also have one or more owners.

(input) table example:

SO USA, , Phil
SO USA, CSS, Frank
SO BEL, CSS, Marieke
SO BEL, CSS, Francis
SO BEL, JSON, Patrick
SO FRA, , Francois


I now want to position these communities and sub communities graphically on a webpage like this

Depending on the amount of subcommunities, the top level community will have a different size, and should therefore be parsed where it fits best on the page (e.g on a 600pxx800px canvas).

Here are my questions:

  • does somebody know code that has already been written to solve this kind of problem?
  • if not, how would I best tackle this?
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