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I have an array containing following elements

{Mark=90, Students={"Tom","Marry","Jack"}},
{Mark=50, Students={"Niko","Gary","David"}},
{Mark=70, Students={"John","Andy","Amy"}}

I want a Linq sentence to convert them to

{Mark=90, name="Tom"},
{Mark=90, name="Marry"},
{Mark=90, name="Jack"},
{Mark=50, name="Niko"},
{Mark=50, name="Gary"},
{Mark=50, name="David"},
{Mark=70, name="John"},
{Mark=70, name="Andy"},
{Mark=70, name="Amy"}

How could I do?

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You could project to an anonymous class (or a real class if you need the sequence outside of your current method):

var results = from x in myArray
              from s in x.Students
              select new { x.Mark, name = s };
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Use SelectMany:

    item => Students.Select(
        student => new {Mark = item.Mark, name=student.Name}
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It works as well. Thanks. –  LoveRight Dec 30 '11 at 5:53

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