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I have an org-mode document that I want to convert to open Document format. When I try to do this (ctrl+c+e+o) I get an error message:

Executeable "zip" needed for creating OpenDocument files. Aborting.

I have p7zip installed on my machine but I don't know how to tell emacs it is there. I'm not sure what org-mode want to do so I'm not sure what to configure in .emacs.


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If you run zip from the command line (dos-prompt if you're in Windows as you seem to be) does it recognize it as a command or program? – Jonathan Leech-Pepin Dec 27 '11 at 16:18
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Your p7zip executable must be in Emacs exec-path variable, so that Emacs can find it.

Also, the executable must be called "zip" since it is hard-coded in the org-odt-init-outfile function.

So check the setting of exec-path first to make sure it includes the location of your zip executable.

`M-x customize-variable RET exec-path RET`
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You need Info-ZIP. See

p7zip may not be compatible with zip command-line utility, if I go by this post: So, I think, p7zip may not be a viable option here.

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