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To enhance my very very primitive knowledge in C++, I want to just dive into a real project and create a simple finance management application. To keep things simple I want it to be a command line tool. At first it should be able to

  1. Create a new entry for a transaction which should have the properties
    • Amount of money
    • date when entry was created
    • title
  2. list all entered entries
  3. delete an arbitrary entry from the list in 2.
  4. assign tags to the entrys
  5. group and display the entrys by tags/date created
  6. store the entries permanently

I think I will be able to get point 1 to 5 done. It will not be perfect but it will work. My only problem where I have no clue what is best is how to solve point 6.

The possibilities I can think of are

  • SQLite
  • CSV
  • XML

My questions:

  1. What would you recommend for this scenario, and why?
  2. Are there better possibilities not listed above?

Please consider, that the list of entrys can be very huge and that in future there will be much more properties for each enrty then just the four listed above.

Your criticism and inspiration is well appreciated!

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Unfortunately, Stack Overflow is not a very good place to learn C++, either. May I humbly recommend one of these following books? If you run into specific questions on our route to language mastery, you should post those here. –  Cody Gray Dec 24 '11 at 16:03
What does your existing research suggest are the tradeoffs? Why only those three (none of which I would necessarily suggest). –  Marcin Dec 24 '11 at 16:04

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Databases were invented specifically for tasks like yours. CSV and XML are not options here.

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Your use case is perfectly covered by a database. SQLlite is a good choice if you've got relatively little data and it's running on a single machine (you can always replace it with something more heavyweight later if you need to).

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