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So i have:

<form name='formName'>
  <input name='name' value='Name'/>


if (document.formName.name.value == "Name")
$(document.formName.name).after("<p>Please enter name!</p>");

However, it seems jQuery doesn't select it.

I know there are nice validation plugins, but I'd like to write my own a simple as possible I don't need to regex the values, just check if there is something filled in before you can send..

I also don't want to put in DIV's after the form field, because I have multiple forms on the same page, and want to select it per form..

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It would als be OK to just make the value of the form red or the border of the input field red.. Just have no clue how to do this most efficiently.. –  TrySpace Dec 24 '11 at 16:37
Do it something like; $('input[name="name"]').after('<np class="error">Please enter your name !</p>'); –  insane-36 Dec 24 '11 at 16:41

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    $.each($('form'), function() {
        var form = $(this);
        if (form.attr('name') === 'formName') {
            form.after('<p>Please enter name!</p>');
            return false;
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if($('form[name="formName"]').length>0)  //if exists
$('form[name="formName"]').insertAfter($("<p>Please enter name!</p>"));
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Seems like you're trying to insert after the input. The trouble is you have name="name". So when you do...


...it is giving you the name property of the form, not the <input name="name" ...> element.

Change it to something else, like name="username"...

<form name='formName'>
    <input name='username' value='Name'/>


$(document.formName.username).after("<p>Please enter name!</p>");

Or simply...

$(`input[name="username"]`).after("<p>Please enter name!</p>");
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