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I'm trying to develop an App witch get 1d bar codes number using Zxing lib. I download the lib and I compiled it with ant. Them, I include the core.jar into my app source.

Now, I wan't to get the number of the bar code, and I use the following java code:

    Intent barscan = new Intent("");
    barscan.putExtra("SCAN_WIDTH", 300);
    barscan.putExtra("SCAN_HEIGHT", 200);

    barscan.putExtra("RESULT_DISPLAY_DURATION_MS", 3000L);
    barscan.putExtra("PROMPT_MESSAGE", "Custom prompt to scan a product");

    barscan.putExtra("SCAN_MODE", "ONE_D_MODE");
    startActivityForResult(barscan, 0);

But with this code I have some problems:

  • I can't see the red line across the screen.
  • I want to scan the barcode and return, but that only happens with QR codes. With 1d bar codes nothing happen.

What is wrong?

Thank everyone for your time!

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(I answered already on the mailing list.)

If you don't see a red line, then you are not using Barcode Scanner to handle the Intent. I don't know what app is handling it, but it's not something from here. Use Intent.setPackage() to restrict to Barcode Scanner's package of Better yet, use the provided IntentIntegrator code.

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You are right. The intent is handle by google googles. I installed the barcode scanner in my device and now i can select the handler. But it isn't that I want. I will try with intent.setpackage... Thank you – LeiNaD_87 Dec 24 '11 at 19:35

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