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I have the following two tables:


article_id | attribute_id
1          | 5
2          | 6


attribute_id | attribute_name
5            | foo
6            | bar

How would I get the corresponding row if I only know the article id? So if I pass article_id 1 I get:

article_id | attribute_id | attribute_name
1          | 5            | foo

I know I could do it with two separate queries but was wondering if it could be done in one? I thought about using INNER JOIN ON but article_id isn't in both tables?


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For sure, you can (and have to) use INNER JOIN.

SELECT TableA.article_id, TableB.*
INNER JOIN TableB ON TableA.attribute_id = TableB.attribute_id
WHERE TableA.article_id = 1

The SELECT part let us retrieve article_id from the first table, and all fields from the second one.
The INNSER JOIN clause joins rows that have the same attribute_id from the two tables.
The WHERE condition let us select only the row with article_id = 1 in first table.

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Ah got it thanks! –  Bob Dec 24 '11 at 18:34

Use NATURAL JOIN - Wikipedia Entry

WHERE article_id = 1
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Join using attribute_id

SELECT * FROM TableA A, TableB B where
A.attribute_id = B.attribute_id
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  select article_id, tablea.attribute_id,attribute_name 
  from tablea,tableb where    
  and article_id= :passedId
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