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I was setting up this application in cakephp.I have homes controller which works well and then i have chokates controller which has an index action.But whenever i run this chokates controller i get an error

Call to a member function charset() on a non-object I had a print of $this in top of this controller which shows me that html and javascript helpers are loaded already.Then why i get this error i dont know.

Please help Here is the link go to the chocolates link.

Regards Himanshu Sharma

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Well, looking at your error message it appears that a couple things are happening here that should be fixed:

The view for ChokateController::index() was not found.

Ensure that you have an index.ctp file in /app/views/chokate/.

The HtmlHelper object likely isn't being added to the view because you have a manually configured list of $helpers. If you have assigned an array to $helpers in ChokateController ensure that Html is listed.

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Thanx for your advivce Charles, It turn out to be that i have not referenced html helper as Html in app controller,It was in small case like html that was causing the problem. –  techie_28 Dec 25 '11 at 8:17

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