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I installed AvalancheImagineBundle for Symfony 2.0.

Everything wen't fine except the fact that it doesnt' generate thumbnail images after this line;

<img  src="{{  asset('uploads/apartments/4ef4be0edef4a.jpg') | apply_filter('my_thumb') }}" />

The image is there. I tried cutting out the apply_filter and the image gets shown.

The config is set fine aswell - I followed the basic instructions on the git page.

But the thumbnail doesnt appear in media/cache after page load. I have the folder structure there.

What could be the issue?

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What does the server say, if you open the image directly from browser? Make sure to grab the proper link from a rendered page (where the image does not appear). –  gilden Dec 25 '11 at 19:37

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I came across an issue where the thumbnail wasn't being created. You may have a similar problem.

Background / Problem

My images were not being saved and no thumbnail was being displayed.

This was because latest version on AvalancheImagineBundle is not compatible with the Symfony2 Standard Edition available from symfony.com.

The latest commit changes some of the using statements. You can see if this is your problem by navigating to the image that is being displayed (in my case this was /uploads/media/4efc8d3e5c37d.png). Once there, if you get an error talking about 'Filesystem' do the following:


Instead of updating symfony2 I chose to use the version of AvalancheImagineBundle just before the latest commit. Find it here. Of course, you could alternatively update symfony2.

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Remove the Assetic call..

Just pass the the image url to the apply_filter function..

Images are cached by ImagineBundle. you dont need asset() here.

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Didn't fix the issue. Also, I must mention - I tried using ImagineBundle instead and it also doesn't work for me. Perhaps it's not usage / installation issue, it's something else. –  Tool Dec 25 '11 at 15:19
This did it for me, everything worked fine locally however when uploading the project to a subdirectory online all the images broke, removing the assetic call fixed it. –  user2019515 Jun 3 at 1:34

try using

<img  src="{{  asset('../uploads/apartments/4ef4be0edef4a.jpg') | apply_filter('my_thumb') }}" />

note the ../ in the path, this worked for me when I had the same issue, avalanche seems to need a relative url

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This worked for me ... –  wowpatrick Dec 21 '12 at 21:30

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