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I have a table with few columns. I have a column which has numeric data. Eg:


I need to display row pertaining to that column based on value in the next row. I need fetch the rows for which the subsequent row is having even number.In the above example, I need to display 1 ,5 and 4.Is there a way to do it using SQL? I am using oracle database.

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Oracle lead Analytical function can be used.

Oracle Lead Analytical Function

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Thank you very much Nitin!! I presume in my case , I will have to use Lead function in where clause and check if the reminder is 0 when divided by 2. Am I correct? –  Punter Vicky Dec 24 '11 at 19:02
select COLUMN from 
(select COLUMN, case when mod(lead(COLUMN) over (order by COLUMN),2)=0 then 1 else 0 end CONTROL 
from YOURTABLE t) 
where CONTROL=1

Just change the COLUMN to your column name and YOURTABLE to your table name.

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I would read the values into a list and do the logic in the code. This is faster than doing fancy stuff in a query. It is also probably more understandable.

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