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I want to hold relationships in neo4j but (maybe, I've not decided yet) to keep the objects in different DB (sort of Redis). And if to do so, it would be good to sync IDs in storage db and in neo4j. So, can I create a node in neo4j passing the ID to it?

PS project in PHP and accessing neo4j via REST API.

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Otherwise it is sensible to use external id's as node properties and index the nodes on those properties. So you have bi-directional resolutions of your external id's.

The indexing can also be done using the auto-indexer, so it happens automatically on node creation, update and removal.

You might also look into Neo4jPHP as a library to access Neo4j's REST API.

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Thank you very much ) – Terion Dec 28 '11 at 22:05

You normally can't, only if you use the BatchImporter,, you can specify the IDs to use.

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That comes with a potential cost though, since ids are absolute positions in the store file. If a high id is specified the store file can be quite big even though there are few nodes in it. – Mattias Persson Dec 26 '11 at 10:42

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