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Goal To send a email with a list of urls of nodes.

In my custom module I have managed to get the node id which the user wants and I now want to get the url of each node to put into my email.

I searched the db and used google but I can't seem to find the right solution.

It seems we need to construct the url something like this

global $base_url;

$ link=$base_url."// few more parameters

Please advice. Thanks,

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You can use the url() function:

$options = array('absolute' => TRUE);
$nid = 1; // Node ID
$url = url('node/' . $nid, $options);

That will give you the absolute path (i.e. with http://mysite.com/ in front of it), with the URL aliased path to the node page.

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Clive you are the best ! –  Vishal Khialani Dec 25 '11 at 6:38

You can also try drupal_lookup_path('alias',"node/".$node->nid).

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Is there some problem with this method? This seem more useful, and less obvious, than the approved answer. –  robomc Sep 4 '12 at 0:22
What if the node has no alias? also, this will return a relative path. –  cambraca Oct 10 at 14:29

Also you can get it by

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What if the node has no alias? also, this will return a relative path. –  cambraca Oct 10 at 14:30

You can also use the l() function.

  l(t('Link text'), 'node/123', array('options' => array('absolute' => TRUE)));
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it will give you the current node url

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You are not getting the question! please read the question carefully before answering –  Akarsh Satija Dec 13 '13 at 8:20

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