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I am experimenting with mechanize and re to find the websites which correspond to a list of retail stores.

I have been parsing Bing search results to grab the top result's url. Unfortunately, seemingly independent of the query, at random times I've been getting an httplib.IncompleteRead error. Even though I've got a workaround which follows, I'd like to understand what's happening.

def bingSearch(query): #query is the store's name, i.e. "Bob's Pet Shop"
     while True:
   '"' + query.replace(' ','+') + '"' )
             htmlCode = bingBrowser.response().read()
         except httplib.IncompleteRead:
             #Sleep for a little while and try again.

Other relevant info:

  • Sometimes, for a single bing url, the program will to attempt to open and read that url multiple times, before a successful read without an IncompleteRead error.
  • bingBrowser's headers attribute is set up to look nice.
  • bingBrowser's robots attribute is set to false.
  • httplib: incomplete read ... I don't know anything about Apache so I wasn't able to understand the answer to the question, but it may be helpful to you. That said, I doubt that I'm having a similar problem (Why would be suffering from an Apache error?!)


  1. Replaced query.replace(' ','+') + '"' ) with urllib.urlencode(dict(q=query)) per JF Sebastian's suggestion - no change (I know this wasn't proposed as a solution).
  2. Suffered from an inexplicable urllib2.URLError on'"' + query.replace(' ','+') + '"' )
  3. Got an xlwt related "String longer than 65535 characters" error - probably unrelated.

Thanks in advance.

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use proper encoding for query: url = '.../search?'+urllib.urlencode(dict(q=query)) – J.F. Sebastian Dec 25 '11 at 4:58
Did not know about that - thank you. I've changed my program to reflect your suggestion. Will see if it has any affect. – Michael Hart Dec 25 '11 at 5:23

I faced a similar problem. The point is that you do not catch all the exceptions that might arise when connecting to Bing.

You may find a solution here. It works properly in my case.

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