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So my school website has been hacked cos my professor got XSS-ed. So I found that attacker used this XSS attack vector

<img src="<img src=search"/onerror=alert("Xss")//">

Can anyone explain me how this vector works , and how do you suggest I setup my site against further XSS attacks. Why img inside img tag? Thanks..

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Simply, he is ending your src tag and then inserting his own onerror handler. The onerror gets called when the image cannot be loaded. You can prevent this from escaping all user input - expect that every user is trying to hack your site.

In PHP, you could do this by using:


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No, strip_tags() doesnt solve the problem, because in many cases xss depends on contexts. See the owasp xss prevention cheat sheet. An xss in an HTML attribute can work without tags. – Erlend Dec 25 '11 at 18:56
Thanks for answering yes i know Javascript events and HTML , but img inside img confused me , Erlend , thanks for OWASP , great source of info. – Danijel Maksimovic Maxa Dec 26 '11 at 16:28

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