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I have a model CardSet which has_many :cards, :order => "cards.order". When I update = cards_in_a_particular_order, and then, I want it so returns the next time with the cards in the same order I entered them in. How can I achieve this?

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Either do it manually, or use one of a ton of acts_as_ordered plugins, like this or this etc.

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Looks like those are both intended for Rails 2. – Steve Y Dec 25 '11 at 6:11

Assuming a table design similar to

cards {
  value VARCHAR(5),
  suite VARCHAR(10)

card_sets {
  name VARCHAR(30),

Then I would have a join table something like:

card_set_orders {
  card_set_id INT,
  card_id INT,
  order_index INT


You would have to change your has many to reflect the join syntax. Then you could have an 'on load' function 'order' for the set. So you'll need: 1) a new migration 2) a new activerecord model 3) ordering method that you can invoke on find, or manually 4) updated has_many

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I don't need a join table. It is a one-to-many relationship. I can already set up an order field, the issue is having rails automatically manage assignment of order. – Steve Y Dec 25 '11 at 6:10

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