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What am I doing wrong? I am trying to create a simple master details view a la the 'canonical MVVM' example.

Here's a simplified example in JSfiddle that doesn't work:

I would expect to see the name of the selected 'item' in the textbox but instead it says 'observable'?

Here's my offending code:

var list = [ { name: "item 1"} , { name: "Item 2" }];

var viewModel = {
    items : ko.observableArray(list),
    selectedItem : ko.observable(),

viewModel.setItem = function(item) {


And the HTML

<ul data-bind="foreach: items">
        <button data-bind="click: $root.setItem, text:name"></button>

    <input data-bind="" />
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You are really close. Just need to do value: selectedItem().name or better use the with binding to change your scope. Also, the script that you are referencing is slightly out-of-date (in 2.0 click passes the data as the first arg).

Sample here:

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