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If I want to check currently exported environment variables, I do this in shell.


In CMake, I do this to print something.

MESSAGE ("This is message.")

How can I print former one with CMake?

I know that CMake is stand for cross-platform building, anyway when debugging something I need to check raw values. So I need this.

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old make had a cmd-line arg (maybe -v or -x) that showed all env-var values as a list, I would assume cmake has a similar option. Good luck. – shellter Dec 25 '11 at 3:55
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If you want to know the value of a specific variable, you can use $ENV{varname}:

message(STATUS $ENV{PATH})

If you want to see all variables, you probably need to resort to invoking an external command such as env (on Unix) or set (on Windows):

# Windows
execute_process(COMMAND cmd /c set OUTPUT_VARIABLE output)
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I don't know how to get cmake to show output to a console, but if you don't mind just getting it out of a file later, you can add:

env > /tmp/environment

in the appropriate place, and then read the /tmp/environment file later.

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