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I am looking for a tool to build good looking network Diagram. Right now i am just using images from google image search. But the diagrams doesnt look consistent.

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Commercial options include Visio on Windows, OmniGraffle on Mac. for a free one take a look at gliffy

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I normally use Visio to create network diagrams, although for pitches I actually use Microsoft Powerpoint (yes I know it sounds weird)!

I put a blog post together today to help people create better looking (but not quite as technical) network diagrams - perhaps worth a look:

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TechRepublic has written this very useful article linking to a number of tools, both open source and commercial.

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If you want something that uses standardized diagramming techniques like UML you might be interested in Dia. It's a Gnome project, so it's available on Mac / Linux / Windows

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