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I was looking for gz-compression in PHP and I found this piece of code:

function print_gzipped_output()
    if( headers_sent() )
        $encoding = false;
    else if( strpos($HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING, 'x-gzip') !== false )
        $encoding = 'x-gzip';
    else if( strpos($HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING,'gzip') !== false )
        $encoding = 'gzip';
        $encoding = false;

   if( $encoding ) {
        $contents = ob_get_clean();
        $_temp1 = strlen($contents);
        if ($_temp1 < 2048)    // no need to waste resources in compressing very little data
            header('Content-Encoding: '.$encoding);
            $contents = gzcompress($contents, 9);
            $contents = substr($contents, 0, $_temp1);

My question is simple: what does the line


actually means?

Thank you in advance

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Just a side note that compression is really much better handled by your web server. –  Michael Mior Dec 25 '11 at 5:32

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This is the header for gzip-format files. You can view more details here.

The first two bytes identify the file as gzipped. The following 8 specifies the use of the DEFLATE compression method. The final four zero bytes are for fields which aren't needed.

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Thank you a lot! –  mneri Dec 25 '11 at 5:34

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