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Google Web Toolkit 2.4.0 | Eclipse Version: Indigo Service Release 1 | Build id: 20110916-0149

Project: "guestbook" sample application present in appengine/demo folder

Error: Missing required argument 'module[s]'

Background: I used to build/compile apps in eclipse helios. After upgrading to new google app engine sdk and eclipse getting above error while running any non - GWT application. However a simple GWT application is running correctly.

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I finally found out the issue. When creating a new Google Web Application project, there are 2 options, Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine which can be selected. I was selecting both so the project which was being created was a GWT project. So while running it was expecting a gwt module and related configuration file.

The solution was to not select "Google Web Toolkit" when creating a new Google Web Application Project.

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To disable Google Web Toolkit for your created project, just do like this: 1. select project, right click, and select "Property" 2. Toggle down "Google", select "Web Toolkit" tab, and uncheck "Use Google Web Toolkit". 3. Delete your project in Run configuration. And run again. You will find it never asks for "modules" anymore.

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