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This is going to sound silly, because everyone seems to take it for granted that XamlPad is just there, including the MSDN article about XamlPad.

But I've installed Visual Studio 2008, which AFAIK installs the .NET 3.5 SDK (how could it not?), which is supposed to include XamlPad. But there is no XamlPad.exe in my Start Menu or anywhere on my PC. I've even done a dir /s xamlpad.exe from the command line, to make sure the problem isn't with the Windows Indexing Service not seeing what's in front of its face like usual. No dice.

I'd like to demo some XAML to my co-workers, but I don't want to use the godawful XAML designer in Visual Studio if I can help it. How do I get a copy of XamlPad to install onto my PC?

I'm running Vista 64-bit if that makes any difference (it shouldn't, but you never can tell).

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At the bottom of the MSDN page there's this comment:

The Start Menu shortcut is not installed by VS2008

The program binary is installed however in Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin

I've just checked on my machine and it's there.

There's also a link on that MSDN page to the new version on the author's blog.

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So it is! I don't know how I missed it. For reference, that path is correct even on a 64-bit system -- it is installed to the 64-bit "Program Files", not to the 32-bit "Program Files (x86)" like most apps are. –  Joe White May 14 '09 at 12:27

Kaxaml is a good alternative for XAMLPad, or even a good replacement for it.

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Thank you Fredrik! –  Tuyen Nguyen Jan 28 '13 at 14:18

You can download XamlPadX 4.0 from here.

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That's an old version. To find the latest version (4.0 at the moment), go here: blogs.msdn.com/llobo/archive/tags/XamlPadX/default.aspx –  Joe White May 14 '09 at 12:47
apparently the link was updated :) –  Lucas Oct 11 '09 at 5:01

You are correct, both XamlpadX and Kaxaml do not support events (where would be the handler?) or class references (there is no code-behind).

You may be missing the purpose of these editors - they are very useful when dealing with 'pure' xaml - figuring out styles, templates and the like, outside of a large project / solution. Once complete to your satisfaction you incorporate your XAML back into the project.

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