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After writing so many for loop, I could not find to name iterator. I want write meaningful iterator' name, can you help me ?

ex ;

  • i
  • j
  • ii
  • jj
  • iii
  • jjj

    usage :

    for i = 0 ; i < ... for j = 0 j < ...

Finding new iterator name makes my life a bit miserable. How do you find name to your iterator ?

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Maybe you should try finding a better algorithm or refactor your code so that you don't have to write so many nested loops. – Darin Dimitrov Dec 25 '11 at 13:38
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I want write meaningful iterator' name

Then the name you use should reflect the meaning of what the iterator is used for.

For example if you are looping over products inside a loop of categories inside a loop of catgegory-groups, you might use names like producti, categoryi, groupi, perhaps together with number-of-item names likes productn/categoryn/groupn and/or array names like products/categories/groups.

I'd only use i for the simplest short non-nested loops that one can understand with a quick glance. Personally I wouldn't even use j; when loops are nested that usually calls for more self-explanatory variable names.

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If you have more then 3 nested loops in the same function, this is a code-smell.

You should probably refactor your code [move some staff into other functions, and use these functions].

i,j,k should be enough for most functions.

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Try to have meaningful variable names, e.g. int RowNumber, int ColumnNumber.

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loop indexes are not limited to 1 or 2 character names. try using a fully describing name, like current_element, inner_iterator, ...

the name should describe what you are indexing, but also tell the purpose of the loop.

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