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I’m trying to parse an XML file having ‘n’ number of questions using Objective C. I have to display those questions in labels at runtime in a view. That means ‘n’ labels for ‘n’ questions and ‘n’ labels for ‘n’ answers too. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to do this?

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You need to be more specific about the XML format and what technologies you intend to use to parse it and to display the results. –  Welbog May 14 '09 at 12:23

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You probably will need to use the NSXMLDocument class to parse the XML file. Take a look at the documentation either at developer.apple.com or within Xcode by selecting "Documentation" under the Help menu.

Search for NSXMLDocument. Read the reference or click the link to read Tree-Based XML Programming Guide for Cocoa.

You can also find some sample code at: http://www.mactech.com/articles/mactech/Vol.21/21.06/XMLParser/

Good luck.

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If you are using one of the .NET languages to achieve this you might want to look into using a FlowLayoutPanel or a TableLayoutPanel and dynamically create your labels and add them to the panel.

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They are not using .NET, but Objective-C. –  Lyndsey Ferguson May 14 '09 at 13:55

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