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I have this problem: The web site is single page so the html is loaded and parsed only once. Now I have dynamic content say some products where I want to add like button. I don't have the problem of show the like button this works well. however i want the the like content will be based on the product that was dynamically loaded. As far as i found and understand I need to include a meta tags which I did but because i have single page I need to alter the content. any suggestions? all i found was about show the like button dynamically which is not the case here.

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Like many blog sites have done in the past, create "static" urls (no querystring parameters) that can access each piece of dynamic page. Such as http://example.com/products/acme_widget_13

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try to reload the Facebook like button (targeting product unique url) after the products loads, then Just trigger the parse function after product load complete .

If you’re using jQuery, there’s a real easy and slick solution to this problem:

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