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Is there a way to have two functions with the same name but with different arguments inside the same class in Matlab?

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In short : No, it is not possible.

However, You can mimic this kind of behavior:

Obviously, since Matlab is a dynamic language, you can pass arguments of any type and check them.

function foo(x)
    if isnumeric(x)
        disp(' Numeric behavior');
    elseif ischar(x)
        disp(' String behavior');

You can also use varargin, and check the number of parameters, and change the behavior

function goo(varargin)
    if nargin == 2
        disp('2 arguments behavior');
    elseif nargin == 3
        disp('3 arguments behavior');   
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thank you, very hepfull –  Daniele Kerberos Dec 26 '11 at 10:23
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