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I am looking for these Android SDK files on the MAC


But I can't find them anywhere.

Whenever I download a file from the above reference I get an error when trying to open this saved file.

Shouldn't these files be also available on an Android SDK on the MAC somewhere? I just can't find them!

Or is there another way to download them other than "right-click" save target as?

Many thanks!

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No need to get the whole source code for just the drawables. The drawable files should already be in your Mac, wherever you installed the sdk. If you don't know where that was (?) you can try using spotlight and looking for android-sdk-mac_x86. Once inside that folder, go into /platforms/android-N/data/res/ all the drawable folders are there.

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I don't know why, but I my android-sdk-mac_x86/platforms is empty. I found it in the android-sdk-mac_86/platforms folder. But thanks that's it! –  user387184 Dec 25 '11 at 20:40

Some API version changes brought changes in file organization.

Try to search in https://github.com/android/platform_frameworks_base/tree/master/packages/SystemUI/res

Check which branch are you displaying on your MAC. master or any other? git checkout <branch> for change branches.

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