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I'm new to python. I've installed both Python 3.2.2 for x64 and Python 2.7 for x86 on my 64-bit windows machine. I've got some python code that are coded for python 2.x versions. But every time I try to run them by double clicking it is interpreted by python 3.x.

How do I force them to use python version 2.7, may be using some directives or using a BATCH script?

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open a command line window, and use "c:\python27\python.exe" yourscript.py (or whatever path your python 2.7 appears to be installed in).

of course, you can put that line into a batch file and execute the batch.

also, you can put a shortcut to c:\python27\python.exe on your desktop and drop your script onto that shortcut every time you want to run it.

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You could, e.g., associate the file extension .py2 with Python 2.7 and rename the main file (assuming you regard Python 3.2 as your default version).

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try editing PATH environment variable, use python 2.7 path and delete python 3.2.2

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Can't delete python 3.2.2 from PATH. It's required for other software. –  Reekdeb Mal Dec 25 '11 at 20:03

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