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I wrote simple GTKmm program from here and try to cross-compile it for windows using mingw cross-compiler, but it fails. My output is here.

When I compile simple program using just GTK gtk.h header it works perfectly - compiles (using the same command) and run on Windows.

I am running Fedora LXDE spin and using GTKmm-2.4 (from win).

Everything else works fine - I can comile for UNIX GTK and GTKmm but for Win just GTK. I have my PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR set properly (one for UNIX and one for Win)

Thanks for any advice - I also tried to install new libsigc++ from Yum Extender but nothing.

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Fedora includes a number of MinGW cross compiled libraries, including gtkmm 2.4 and libsigc++. I see you are using gtkmm installed in /home/michal/Dropbox/GTK/GTKmm-Devel/; have you tried using the system packages?

To install the binary packages: 'yum install mingw32-gtkmm24'

... and then to compile the hello world sample, run:

i686-pc-mingw32-g++ -o helloworld.exe `i686-pc-mingw32-pkg-config gtkmm-2.4 --cflags --libs`

Also, the Fedora MinGW project has a mailing list and an IRC channel where people can help get you started.

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