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I am trying to subtract two numbers and get a result of decimal number with two decimal places, but when the subtraction is happening, I am getting full number, without any decimals. Here is what I am trying:

int totalMiles = 1001;
decimal total_used = 0.0M, total_gallons_used = 0.0M;
total_gallons_used = (totalMiles / 46);

If the calculation is done correctly, I need to receive result of 21,76 but I am getting only 21 for total_gallons_used.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

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That's because you are performing an integer division (the two operands are integers). You probably want to perform a real numbers division (one or two of the operands are real numbers):

total_gallons_used = (totalMiles / 46M);

Now the result will be a real number.

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