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I would like to clear out my /bin folder in my project directory. How can I do this?

I tried rm -rf ~/bin but no luck

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You should say "... my bin folder", not "my /bin folder". /bin is an absolute path, bin is a relative path.

rm -rf ~/bin removes $HOME/bin, so not what you want either.

Now, it depends on where you are: if you are in your project directory when you type the command, just type rm -rf bin.

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~ is a shorthand to a current user home directory. So unless it's also your project directory you are doing something wrong. Other than that, clearing a directory would be

rm -rf ~/bin/*

And if you also want to clear the hidden files

rm -rf ~/bin/.[a-z]*

Make sure you are not doing

rm -rf ~/bin/.*

especially as root as it will try to clear out your entire system.

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