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I have been working on a music app for android devices for the past few months. I have written a considerable amount of code so far. However, I have been stuck for almost a month on the mixing part of the code. Since Android does not offer a way to mix audio (merge sounds into one file so that they play at the same time) I decided to add the Jmusic library to the project and use it to manipulate audio files. Unfortunately, every time I try to read an audio file from the sdcard, the app crashes. I have been looking for resource online to solve this problem, but I can't find a good one. I am thinking that maybe Android does not support the use of other libraries. Can any of you guys suggest an alternative solution if that's the case. An example code (with explanation) using Java would be greatly appreciated. What I am mainly doing is declaring a float array (data) and reading the audio file as such

     data = Read.Audio("string that holds the path of the file on the sd card");
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Can you include a backtrace or specific details on what is crashing? In general Android should allow 3rd-party Java libraries just fine, but some 3rd party libraries might rely on Java platform features that Android does not provide, and that could cause problems for a specific library. – P.T. Feb 4 '12 at 22:18
What type of audio file are you trying to open. Have you tried performing a simple jmusic function just to see if the library works? – dorien Nov 9 '13 at 19:45

what i think is android doesn't support javaSE environment..after the compilation process Android produces dalvik code while java has it's byte code both of them being significantly different.

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