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I am trying to draw two objects and move one of them via keyboard interaction, while the other one stays fixed. How can I do it? Of course, I know how to draw, I also know the keyboard interaction-moving part, but I am stuck at moving one of them independently.

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Have you tried not applying the movement matrix to the one you don't want to move? That's the most helpful answer anyone can give you without lots more information, such as language, a code example and a link to whatever tutorial you're following in order to do what you're currently doing. –  Lex R Dec 25 '11 at 23:49

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Try following:

void DrawObjects()
  // ...

  glTranslatef(object1.X, object1.Y, object1.Z);

  glTranslatef(object2.X, object2.Y, object2.Z);

  // ...

In your key handling, you should update object coordinates (e.g. object1.X, object1.Y, object1.Z).

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