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I'm writing my own Camera class and I'm having trouble fixing my pitch rotation (or tilting as the wikipedia photography page refers to it).

Long story short, this is what I currently have:

public void Tilt(float angleInDegrees)
      float angleInRads = MathHelper.ToRadians(angleInDegrees);   
       mRotation *= Quaternion.CreateFromAxisAngle(Vector3.Right, angleInRads);

       Vector3 transformedReferrence = Vector3.Transform(CameraForwardVector, mRotation);
       Target = Position + transformedReferrence;

       Up = Vector3.Transform(Up, mRotation);

(I calculate the new view matrix in the Up/Target properties' setters)

This works for my pan method, but what happens here is that shortly after I start rotating the camera goes crazy:

Minding my own business... When suddenly the camera flips

What you see above is the following - the pitch angle is being decreased at the first picture. As the angle grows, the camera flips around (the second pic). I struggle to find explanation. Tried searching in here, checked a few other open source libs but I`m either too tired or simply incapable of figuring out what to do so any help would be appreciated.

p.s. Ye, I know about the typo in the window's title.

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Just a note, shouldn't you use the camera's Right for the axis, not the world right? –  A-Type Dec 26 '11 at 15:47
Fixed it - the problem was I transformed the up vector. All is well now. –  Nikola Dimitroff Dec 26 '11 at 22:30
Ah, yes, that would be it. You can also use Vector3.Cross to ensure that your camera's Up, Forward, and Right vectors are all orthogonal after you've made your transformations (for instance, "Right = Vector3.Cross(Forward, Up)". Even with perfect geometrical calculations, rounding errors can still mess up your vectors over time, so it's good to clean up after transforming this way. –  A-Type Dec 28 '11 at 15:37

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