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I created a few files in app/Lib folder and would like to access one of my models from the library classes:


App::uses('Deal', 'Model');

class SampleCrawler extends CrawlerBase {

    public $uses = array('Deal');

    function __construct(){

However, cake cant seems to find the Deal model and im getting a call to member function create() on a non-object in the model creation line.

Appreciate the help.

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Other way to also do this:

APP::import('Model', 'Deal');
$this->Deal = new Deal();

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App::import is not used in 2.x anymore for anything except Vendor loading. If anything, use App::uses() for loading (internal) classes. But I would always prefer ClassRegistry::init() for model loading. – mark Dec 3 '13 at 14:09

Always include models manually if not in a controller/shell:

$this->Deal = ClassRegistry::init('Deal');

and then

$this->Deal->create(); // etc

The advantage: You let Cake load and init the model for you, so if you already did that earlier it will try to reuse it.

EDIT: for the sake of completeness, inside a controller/shell you can simply do

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ClassRegistry must first be called with App::uses('ClassRegistry', 'Utility'); – skywalker Feb 24 '14 at 16:03


$deal = new Deal(); // to create Deal Object

//if that doesnot work then, do
$deal = new Deal();
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