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Do you know good C/C++ library for Google Cloud Storage?

I can find Python library for it, but I can't find with C/C++ (or Objective-C).

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There is a list of Google's libraries (including Objective C) here.

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In the Gnome tree there is an OAuth2 library written in C:


This is part of Gnome's librest package, a library that facilitates REST transactions. I have not used it myself, but here are a few observations:

It looks like you will need to use automake to build a .configure. The docs say to just run the configure script but the docs are pretty old. It is still being developed (the most recent check in was December 2012).

If you do try it please report your experiences. (Thank you in advance!)

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Thanks for your information. In fact, I finished my task by using Amazon S3 instead of Google Cloud Storage. There is open source C library for S3 - aws.amazon.com/developertools/1648. –  Wonil Dec 6 '12 at 8:04

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