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I'm using following code for retrieving data from internet but I get HTTP headers also which is useless for me.

URL url = new URL(webURL);
            URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
            BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(conn.getInputStream()));
            String inputLine;

            while ((inputLine = in.readLine()) != null) 

how can I get html data only not any headers or whatsoever.


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Can you show the output? You should not be getting the headers with this. The headers are obtained by conn.getHeader() (or something like that). The InputStream should be only the data in the request. It's possible that header-like things are in the body of the request. – Francis Upton Dec 26 '11 at 5:00
Use html parser - jsoup. – AVD Dec 26 '11 at 5:01

Retrieving and parsing a document using TagSoup:

Parser p = new Parser();
SAX2DOM sax2dom = new SAX2DOM();
URL url = new URL("");
p.parse(new InputSource(new InputStreamReader(url.openStream())));
org.w3c.dom.Node doc = sax2dom.getDOM();

The TagSoup and SAX2DOM packages are:

import org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup.Parser;
import org.apache.xalan.xsltc.trax.SAX2DOM;

Writing the contents to System.out:

TransformerFactory tFact = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
Transformer transformer = tFact.newTransformer();
Source source = new DOMSource(doc);
Result result = new StreamResult(System.out);
transformer.transform(source, result);

These all come from import javax.xml.transform.*

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You are retrieving correct data using URLConnecton. However if you want to read/access a particular html tag you must have to use HTML parser. I suggest you to use jSoup.


org.jsoup.nodes.Document doc = org.jsoup.Jsoup.connect("http://your_url/").get();
org.jsoup.nodes.Element head=doc.head(); // <head> tag content
org.jsoup.nodes.Element body=doc.body(); // <body> tag content

System.out.println(doc.text()); // Only text inside the <html>
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You can parse the complete data to search for the string and accept the data only between html tags

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You are meaning to translate html into text? If so, you can use org.htmlparser.*. Take a loo at

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If you answer a question, please use complete sentences. – Hunter McMillen Dec 26 '11 at 5:04
Sorry,I'm a greenhand at this wensite. I'll improve my skills of answering. – Fantasy Shao Dec 26 '11 at 5:07

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