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I have a JavaScript function which have been used to post something to the wall of the current user. But when I go to a Page (Fanpage), which I am the admin of, it's:

function postToWall(id, title, desc, href, image, caption)
            method: 'feed',
            app_id: social_app_id,
            name: title,
            link: href+'?ref='+social_user_id,
            picture: image,
            caption: caption,
            description: desc
        function(response) {
            // nothing to do here

But I got the error:

An error occurred with My App Name. Please try again later.

How can I post to the admin wall to include tile, desc, image, and caption?

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You should specify both from and to parameters for Feed Dialog.

  method: 'feed',
  name: title,
  link: href,
  picture: image,
  caption: caption,
  description: desc,
  to: 'ID_OF_PAGE'
}, function(response) {
  // nothing to do here

If from and to is the same id to can be skipped since it's defaults to from value.

You can fill from and to with id of your Facebook Page and post as Page itself, not just Admin of Page

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