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I am trying to fetch a row from a table in my database, and everything is retrieved successfully except for one column (page_content), whose data comes in partially. Here is the table creation code:

CREATE TABLE 'usol_site_page' (                                                                                                  
    'page_id' int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,                                                                                     
    'page_type_id' int(11) NOT NULL,                                                                                               
    'page_menu_id' int(11) NOT NULL,                                                                                               
    'page_name' varchar(100) NOT NULL,                                                                                             
    'page_link' varchar(100) NOT NULL,                                                                                             
    'page_heading' varchar(255) default '',                                                                                        
    'page_content' text,                                                                                                           
    'page_title' varchar(255) default NULL,                                                                                        
    'meta_keywords' mediumtext,                                                                                                    
    'keyword_description' text,                                                                                                    
    'pic_small' varchar(255) default NULL,                                                                                         
    'pic_main' varchar(255) default NULL,                                                                                          
    'pic_size' varchar(50) default NULL,                                                                                           
    'pic_type' varchar(50) default NULL,                                                                                           
    'display_order' int(11) NOT NULL,                                                                                              
    'parent_page_id' int(11) NOT NULL,                                                                                             
    'status' varchar(20) NOT NULL,                                                                                                 
    'creation_date' date NOT NULL,                                                                                                 
    'last_update_date' date NOT NULL,                                                                                              
    PRIMARY KEY  ('page_id'),                                                                                                      
    KEY 'Refusol_page_menu60' ('page_menu_id'),                                                                                    
    KEY 'Refusol_page_type44' ('page_type_id'),                                                                                    
    CONSTRAINT 'Refusol_page_menu60' FOREIGN KEY ('page_menu_id') REFERENCES 'usol_page_menu' ('page_menu_id') ON DELETE CASCADE,  
    CONSTRAINT 'Refusol_page_type44' FOREIGN KEY ('page_type_id') REFERENCES 'usol_page_type' ('page_type_id') ON DELETE CASCADE   

Does anyone know why page_content is not being fully retrieved?

here is the code the query :

$extendQry = "";
            if($mode != "admin"){
                $extendQry = "AND p.status='enable' ";
             $qry = "SELECT p.page_id, p.page_link, p.page_name, p.page_heading, p.page_content, p.status, p.page_title,
                            p.meta_keywords, p.keyword_description, p.pic_main, p.pic_small, p.parent_page_id, 
                            t.page_type_id, t.page_type, m.page_menu_id, m.menu_type
                       FROM usol_site_page p, usol_page_type t , usol_page_menu m
                      WHERE p.page_id = ".$pageId." $extendQry
                        AND t.page_type_id = p.page_type_id 
                        AND m.page_menu_id = p.page_menu_id";
$result = mysql_query($qry);
return mysql_fetch_row($result);
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my dear where is your select query and code of fetching recod?\ – Awais Qarni Dec 26 '11 at 7:05
If the issue lies in fetching the records, we need to see what you have tried to accomplish that. – Purag Dec 26 '11 at 7:06
In real life terms, you've said you can't close a door in your hose, and provide the blueprints for the house. That doesn't help us see there's a toy stuck in the door, jamming it open... – Marc B Dec 26 '11 at 7:08
define "partially"-what data did you get and what did you expect – Dr.Molle Dec 26 '11 at 7:49
The mysql extension is outdated and on its way to deprecation. New code should use mysqli or PDO, both of which have important advantages, such as support for prepared statements. Prepare statements will close what may be a potential SQL injection vulnerability via $pageId. – outis Dec 26 '11 at 7:52
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fellas thank you very much for your quick responce sorry for my very unclear question, i got it solved by changing datatype of the column (page_content) from 'text' (64KB) to mediumtext(16MB). and it is working perfectly now. thank you all for your kind support you guyz are the best.

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