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i am an ios app developer. now I want to move ahead on gaming side.I found lots books on iOS gaming on Google. I just need to help about which is the best book and tutorials to start at basic level side. I already read about cocos2d book.

thank you very much

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It's a bit too broad... specifically, what are you looking for? Ray Wenderlich does sort-of weekly game tutorials: raywenderlich.com/tutorials –  CodaFi Dec 26 '11 at 7:37

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you can start this as the strongest first step towards the game programming on iOS: http:://http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org the site is having lots of easy to understand tutorials as well as a open-source OPENGL based game engine.

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I have done number of screencasts on Cocos2d technology. Check it out below:


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