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Please help me ! I have a problem in Crystal Report at visual studio::

I have 2 sub reports within the main report , and I put them at main Details section , when i run the report , the sub reports duplicated many times ..

thanks for solution .

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Placing subreports within the details section will reproduce the subreport each time the Details section is printed.

If you want the subreport only once; you will need to ensure that there is only one detail line printed on the main report. Or you could place the subreports in a header/footer.

A more detailed answer will require more detailed information about your report.

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Well, I put them at header and every thing is good .. thanks to you :) . – user975260 Dec 26 '11 at 14:46

Put subreports in group section in main report..and don't pust subreport in detail section this will solve your issue...

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Sub report duplicates problem in report header. Let say, you have field Employee Name in your report header. That name comes form dataset and dataset has 5 rows, each row repeats same employee name. So your sub report in detail section will repeats 5 times. Fix your header data first and duplicates should go away.

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If you want to print subreport in detail section one time, just add header section, then check underlay following section option in section expert,then place subreport where you want to print.

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