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How to run three spring batch jobs sequentially.. i created three batch jobs and one cron trigger expression. i need to run three jobs sequentially when first batch job completed successfully then second batch job and then third batch job...

for example:1st batch job will give input to second, second atch job will give input to 3rd and then 3rd will process it...

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For sequential execution see §5.3.1 Sequential Flow:

<job id="job">
    <step id="stepA" parent="s1" next="stepB" />
    <step id="stepB" parent="s2" next="stepC"/>
    <step id="stepC" parent="s3" />

The output of each step should be file, or DB records. In this case Spring batch has an ability to restart the job execution from interrupted (failed) step (see also § Restarting a completed step). Inter-step communication is possible via ExecutionContext (see StepExecution and StepExecutionListener)

If you don't want to dump intermediate results, you don't need need sequential step execution: you simply feed the output of one processor to another.

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