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Here is my scheme:

  1. User is on a home screen, presses a button to go to activity A.
  2. Activity A is shown, and a progressbar as well as a textview (inside a viewswitcher) saying "Please wait" is shown.
  3. Now I'd like to start the worker thread which is doing some background work.
  4. When it has finished its work, the progressbar and the textview should disappear (meaning the view is switched to another view).

I have tried to put the following in the onStart(), onCreate(), and onResume() method (only 1 of the places at a time of course):


I've also tried to rearrange these lines, but with the same result:

When I press the button on the home screen, the app 'hangs' (1-2 secs) until the worker thread is done, and after this, activity A is shown. I never get to see the progressbar or the textview, they're already gone.

Any ideas as to how I can have activity A shown at once, and then start the worker thread afterwards (and wait till it's done)?

Before you say "use AsyncTask": I've tried that, but I had some strange trouble with it (doInBackground was never executed).

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What code did you use for the asyntask ? did you create an instance or your task and called .execute() on it ? Note that I think the lock is due to your line worker.join(); which forces the calling thread to wait for the one which joined to finish. –  Sephy Dec 26 '11 at 11:17
Ok, due to your comment I tried the AsyncTask code again, and now it's working just fine (no idea why). So thanks! Feel free to leave an answer. –  eightx2 Dec 26 '11 at 11:33

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Your code causes the view to hang until your thread is finished because the join() is blocking the UI thread.

You should try something like this:

final Handler handler = new Handler();

Thread backgroundThread = new Thread() {

  public void run() {
    // do background work

    // when you finished your work send a message to the handler       
    handler.post(new Runnable() {
      public void run() {

// show progress dialog

Define the function that is called when the thread is finished:

public void changeView() {
  // worker thread finished
  // hide progress dialog and update your view

The handler allows you to execute changeView() in your UI Thread. You can do the same without the handler but than changeView() is called directly from your Worker Thread. Because Android allows view manipulation only in UI Thread you wouldn't be able to update your view this way.

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If you use worker.join(); it would hold the main thread too till the worker thread joins or ends, the way to do it is to use the handler of the activity to call the function in the activity that makes the progress bar and textview disappear. Call the function using the handler when the worker thread is about to end. And use the handler to call the function from the worker thread that updates the progress bar too.

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