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If I search like AGAINST ('word1 word2 word3' IN BOOLEAN MODE) how can I have the results to be sorted but the number of words found?

For example:

row1 - all words
2. row2 - word1 and word2
3. row3 - word1 and word3
4. row4 - word3

... etc

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If we assume that word is everything that delimited by spaces you can order by the following (it's amount of words):

`length(text) - length(replace(text, ' ', ''))

You can do it more elaborate if you want skip single chars such as -, ?.

The final algorithm depends what we count as "word" and what we didn't/

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i had the same problem i tried to do this solution but not clear how to do this, please see my question here stackoverflow.com/questions/27264834/… –  mahen3d Dec 3 at 8:51

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