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i've defined event type:

TMyEvent = procedure(object: TMyClass) of object;

and in the same unit i have also a class definition:

TMyClass = class(TObject)
    FOnXXX: TMyEvent;
    property OnXXX: TMyEvent read FOnXXX write FOnXXX;
    { Published declarations }

If i try to compile i get 'E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'TMyEvent''.

In C++ i would use prototyping. Is there a way to keep them in one unit together?

Sry, if it is a duplicate, but i really didn't find any information about it.

Thanks in advance, Peacelyk

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You would forward declare the class before the event declaration:

TMyClass = class;
TMyEvent = procedure(object: TMyClass) of object;

Then you should include full declartion of TMyClass to resolve the unsatisfied forward declaration.

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Try to put type before the definition, and it must be in Interface section not implementation:

TMyEvent = procedure(object: TMyClass) of object;

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