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What is the best way to copy or cut/past a form from one Project to another Project within a Solution in Visual Studio?

Whenever I try it, using the solution explorer (drag and drop or right clicking cut and past), it only copies the underlying C# code and not the necessary 'bits and pieces' that help you visualise the form via the form designer.

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What "bits and pieces" are you missing? Is it copying the Designer.cs and .resx files, or just the YourForm.cs file? –  Adam Robinson May 14 '09 at 14:26
Kind of duplicate - would it be better if I put my solution under "Gold's" question and then deleted this question off SO??? –  Vidar May 14 '09 at 14:42

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  1. Copy the three files, .cs, .designer, resx to the target solution folder.
  2. In the target project, select Add existing item and add the designer file first.
  3. Modify the Namespace attribute. The .cs file should come in as well.
  4. Modify the namespace in the .cs file.
  5. Add the resx file using Add existing item.
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Figured it out - knew it would be something daft.

Apparently the target project should have the references:

  • System.Windows.Forms
  • System.Drawing

included within the project FIRST before you do any copy or pasting or else you will get the problem I described.

Thanks for anyone who tried to help BTW.

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It's way easier now in 2012. Just go to File > Add > Existing Project > Drag and drop the form into the project that you want to add it to.

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Make sure that you copy not only the Form.cs, but also the Form.designer.cs and Form.resx files.

But I need to ask why you would want to maintain a copy of the same form in multiple projects within the same solution. Sounds as if you might want to generalize the code in it, put it in a class library and re-use it in the places where it is applicable.

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No I just designed a form in the wrong project and now I want to move it into the correct project. –  Vidar May 14 '09 at 14:28
I also added the designer.cs and resx files too - still doesnt change anything. –  Vidar May 14 '09 at 14:29
OK; I just wanted to raise the flag since you used the word "copy" instead of "move" :o) –  Fredrik Mörk May 14 '09 at 14:30
I just tried it (in VS 2008). If I drag the Form.cs file while holding the <SHIFT> key, it will move the form and its associated files to the other project, and behave like a form in that project. –  Fredrik Mörk May 14 '09 at 14:32

Use ReSharper (get the demo), right-click the class in Code View, Refactor->Move, and move it to another project.

The added benefit is that if you change the namespace by moving it between projects, it'll auto-update all references.

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It actually has good support for copying forms - currently using ReSharper - and liking it a lot. –  Vidar Feb 14 '12 at 10:42

To copy a form from one VS2013 project to another, the easiest, (fewest mouse clicks) is:

  1. In your target project, right mouse click on your parent folder (likely your project) and in the menu select, "Add; Existing Item".

  2. Then select the form's cs file in your source project. For example select Form.cs (not the Form.Designer.cs or Form.resx).

  3. Open Form.cs in your target project and change the namespace (all instances).

  4. Close and reopen Form.cs and you will see all the controls, etc.

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Are you selecting the file, or using the designer to "Copy" all of the controls? Selecting the YourForm.cs file in the Solution Explorer and copying it via copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop to your other project should accomplish what you need.

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Editied above in line with your question. –  Vidar May 14 '09 at 14:24

** This one works for me:

1) Copy the source files (.cs or vb, .designer, .resx) into target folder

2) Show hidden files in target solution

3) Select these files and include them into project.

This will add winform or any other partially divided files cleanly.

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Using VS2013 just tested this and it appears reliable and consistent. This is similar to some comments above but adds another method that's quicker.

(1st) In Windows File Explorer highlight and copy all 3 Form files (.vb or .cs, .designer, .resx)

(2nd) This can be accomplished 2 ways:

(2a-1) In File Explorer paste the 3 files into the project folder with your other forms

(2a-2) In VS Solution Explorer, turn 'Show All Files' on, Right Click on the pasted form & 'Include in Project'. It should work without other changes.

Or, I think better:

(2b-1) In VS, click into Solution Explorer and paste w/Control-C. (For some reason the right-click context menu in Solution Explorer may not show a paste option, but it works from the keyboard.) This method adds the form to the project directly without having to 'Include in Project' as above. With this method you can add as many forms at a time as you like (all 3 files for each) in a single step.

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I tried the following process in Visual Studio 2012 and it worked.

  1. Add the project from which you want to import form to your solution, by right clicking on solution > Add > Existing project menus. Select the project and click OK.
  2. Now right click on the form you want to copy, select copy.
  3. Right click on the project where you want to copy and select paste.
  4. The form will be copied to your project, now rename the namespaces.
  5. Remove the project you added in the step 1 from your solution.
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