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I'm adapting this - quintadobode.thetwilightwalkers.com - html template, and when I scroll (on one of the pages with content, like o projecto, etc.) there's no background. I'm using an .expandheight class, with min-height: 100%;, and that still happens. It's driving me nuts, please help.

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You have height: 100% set on your main element. It works fine for me if you remove this.

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I haven't really tested your CSS, but if you remove the height:100% from your #main block styles, the background will go all the way down for pages like "O Projecto", does that solve your problem?

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Oh, thank you very much my good man =D. –  HolyThunder Dec 26 '11 at 14:08

You need to set min-height:100% on html and body as well.

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