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I have a folder named Images and I have a Run.exe. Now when I drag and drop the Images folder on the Run.exe, it will execute the program.

Please help me with some good working example ASAP so that I can complete the same in time. I have only 2 days left to complete this. Would be great if someone could help me in this issue.

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For an urgent question, yours is a bit too unclear. For instance, what does Run.exe have to do with batch commands that your title speaks about? However, you could start by having a look at this question, which at first sight seems more or less close to what you want. –  Andriy M Dec 26 '11 at 14:31

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Your question is not clear to me. Did you say you want to create a batch file which would execute a command when you drag and drop the Images folder on the cmd window? In that case:

@echo off
echo:Drag and drop the folder here:
set /p input=
rem Press enter after drag and drop.
rem X:\Y\Z\Images would be your Images folder.
if %input% == X:\Y\Z\Images goto :f
rem The command to be executed goes below.
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