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How do I install jsl-0.3.0 on ubuntu 11.10?

I have downloaded the tarball from JSL. However there isn't a configure script or to enable to build it from source.

Tried using npm to install it but it was unsuccessful as it could extract the tarball.

sayth@sayth-TravelMate-5740G:~/jsl-0.3.0/src$ sudo npm install ~/Downloads/jsl-0.3.0-   src.tar.gz -g
npm ERR! couldn't unpack /tmp/npm-1324904212208/1324904212208-0.02443970972672105/tmp.tgz to /tmp/npm-1324904212208/1324904212208-0.02443970972672105/contents

I previously tried installing jslint via npm but that failed also.

sayth@sayth-TravelMate-5740G:~/jsl-0.3.0/src$ sudo npm install jslint -g
npm ERR! error installing jslint@0.1.2 Error: Refusing to delete: /usr/local/bin/jslint not in /usr/local/lib/node_modules/jslint

I installed node and npm via the script at This installed node 0.6.5 and I have now updated it to 0.6.6 in an attempt to correct these errors.

Could anyone provide a suggestion on how I could get this working?

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Have you tried install nodeJS from the website, that will also install npm. Once both are installed, you may simply run npm install jslint .

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