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I'm using a list view control that is attached to an image list to display thumbnails of images in the list view on a form.I'm adding images from a folder to the image list by using a loop and the following code ImageList1.Images.Add(Image.FromFile("c:\\windows\\img.bmp"));

But if there are lots of images a out of memory exception is thrown(even after disposing).I want to load the images to list view which are currently visible to the user,ie:loading the images dynamically on user scroll.If 5 images are in user view i want to load only 5 images,if the user scrolls i want to get the index of the images which should be currently visible to user and load those images only.

Please help me out on this one.

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Personally, I had very good experiences with ImageListView, both in terms of technology (performance) and author's reply (quality and speed).

I use it as a replacement for ListView whenever I need visual image lists.

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Thanks.It looks great ,let me try it. – techno Dec 27 '11 at 4:01
I added image list view reference to the ToolBox,Added a Control in the form.But when im using Imagelistview1.Items.Add(myitem)i get an Invalid Reference error Manina.Windows.Forms Please Help – techno Dec 27 '11 at 5:21

My very naive approach would be to extend the ImageList class, add a collection of file locations and override the image getter to load the file when first requested (ie, a cache miss).

Otherwise, I expect you should be looking at handling the ListView events for scrolling and/or rendering list items. (I assume they exists, haven't dealt with UI for a while)

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